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Global Board Rules Membership required to post, but it's FREE!!! There will NEVER be a charge! Violating the rules of the board will result in earning the lovely warning percentage mentioned earlier, which may lead to a temporary ban if there are enough. Violation of the following rules will result in warnings: No disruptive behavior. No swearing. No sexual content - this is an all-ages board. No cyber-bullying or Flaming. No distasteful or offensive threads. No Spamming. Limited political or religious discussion - keep it within reason, if you're unsure, ask a Mod! Read the FAQ before making administrative requests. PowerBoards Policies Privacy Policy We will not reveal any of your information unless requested by law or you broke a law by scamming users online. In which case your information will be provided for Law Enforcement reports. In other words, your information will never be given to anyone, so you do not need to worry about a company contacting you with advertising because of us. Make sense? Contacting Staff Policy Please allow up to a full 72 hours for a staff member to reply. Just because we're on the boards it does not necessarily mean we have already read your message. Give us some time to get back to you? Thanks. Only contact an Administrator if it has been several days and you have not heard from someone - not hours or minutes please. Posting Policy We reserve the right to keep, close, and remove any posting at our discretion. Anything that is found to be distasteful or offensive can be taken down whether it's written in the rules or not. Do not create a new thread addressing any that were closed. PM the Moderator that handled your thread and wait for a response please. Account Policy Accounts are open as long as you want to be here. This board will not be for everyone. If you think you need to move on we will not stop you, and you will always be welcome here as long as you can agree to the terms of the boards. You will never be banned permanently from the boards as we like to give second chances around here. There are some exceptions to this though, see below for what exceptions are in place to protect all members on Harassment/Stalking/Privacy Continual harassing behaviour directed towards a certain individual or group with the intent of an creating an intimidating, offensive, or hostile environment on the boards, with or without use of explicit or implicit threats is strictly prohibited. Posting private information without permission is also prohibited. Those caught in these types of activities will be banned and reported to the proper authorities. Illegal Activities Posts that violate or incite others to violate the law are not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, asking for or providing, in any way, shape, or form: ◦Asking for illegal copies of copyrighted software (ROMs, Warez) ◦Asking for illegal copies of copyrighted music (MP3s), movies, videos, or any other type of media ◦Methods of circumventing copyright protection (Cracks, No-CD Patches, CD Keys, mod chips) ◦Reprints of material from other web sites (pay or free) Asking for illegal versions or cracks of game development engines will result in a two day suspension. Continued requests for an illegal program will result in a permanent ban. Multiple Accounts Banned users who create new accounts will be banned. If a person has siblings or another person who wishes to create an account, then that's allowed. However, if one account does something against the terms, it'll affect all users under that IP. Other Issues Pornography: Posting images or links related to pornographic websites will result in an immediate ban. Referring to a pornographic website or any site with pornographic material will result in an immediate ban. The website does NOT have to be linked to. For example, if a member was to say "I saw this on [website]", it will result in an immediate permanent ban. Any other activity that is clearly detrimental to the flow of conversation and normal activities of the boards and its users may also be deleted. Thank you for understanding and have fun! Remember the "Golden Rule" - do to others what you would have them do to you - in otherwords, think of others first. Thanks! Read more: